Top Real Estate Agents, That Get Results! Call Right Now!

Top Real Estate Agents, That Get Results! Call Right Now!

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The President of the United States from 1970-1974 was Jimmy Carter who was a 1 term president. He became a great humanitarian after his term in office. Jimmy set out to eradicate the Guinea worm that affected 30 million people in rural Asia and Africa.

In 2015, only 123 cases were reported Worldwide. This parasite spreads through stagnant water and it uses a persons body as a host, which allows the parasite to grow while simultaneously breaking down the persons body and causing tremendous pain.

This is the second human disease to be eradicated from the planet, next to small pox. Jimmy was able to wipe out this disease from the earth without vaccines or instruments; the eradication of the Guinea worm was simple, people had to filter their drinking water through a cloth.

What Jimmy Carter did was incredible, but took him about 30 years to accomplish. With the speed of technology today I can help you find a property you never thought you could afford, that will double in value in 5 years.

If you are thinking of buying or selling a property in Philadelphia, Michael P. Cohen fully understands this unique market and how to most effectively list and sell your primary residence or investment property.

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