Top Real Estate Agents, That Get Results! Call Right Now!

Top Real Estate Agents, That Get Results! Call Right Now!

Main Street Networking Really Works

I was in Las Vegas at the Zillow conference a few weeks ago and perhaps one of the greatest networking events I have attended this year. I met an Agent at a Speed Networking Event, (you get 3 minutes to exchange ideas with an Agent). I met100’s of Real Estate Agents from around the country, as Zillow encouraged networking and exchanging ideas and cards with fellow realtors. I returned home to find a Voice mail, yes a voice mail, did I say VM. “Hello Mr. Cohen, I met you in Las Vegas last week and wetalked very briefly, however, I want you to list my mother’s house in Brewerytown, (a very Hot area) and she will be moving out to Northern California with me. She leaves in 2 weeks, How fast can you sell her house…? Call me right away.”

I go out and meet Mom, we list the house (a double wide Philly row with high ceilings, large rooms and great character) and the showings are just not happening, very few calls. I am getting concerned as Mom is packing up. Then we get the Low Ball offer, and you know the sellers don’t like this. Then, on Monday, Mom calls me, I am leaving Thursday, when willyou sell my house,

“Come see me Weds, I want to say good bye to you.”, She says to me, you know ,I am never coming back to Philly again’. I am packed and ready to go. I have a 1pm flight to Napa Valley on Thursday.

Wednesday night at 10 PM I get an email, a full price cash offer with at 15 day closing. I can’t call Mom, too late. I call daughter, its only 7 on the west coast. Hello Angelia, are you there, check out this Miracle that just occurred on Main Street, she said” I willbe up at 5 am and tell her to sign”. I called Mom at 9 am, and told her Iam on my way to get her to signthisamazing offer.

The Moral of this miracle: You never know who you will meet in your day, and every day should be considered a networking event, and Mom who was leaving Philadelphia, a place she grew up and raised her family, got on a plane, with a big smile and had asigned sales contract in her back pocket. She said. “she felt sad and happy at the same time”.. Another Amazing journey on Main Street.

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