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Top Investment Mistakes to Avoid

If inflation and a chilly stock market are making you nervous about the viability of your long-term financial plan, you’re not alone.

Even millionaires say they’re feeling pinched, and some no longer feel confident that they’re prepared for retirement, according to “The Million Dollar Question,” a global survey by Natixis Investment Managers.

Some millionaires, 35% of survey respondents, said they’d need a miracle to secure retirement.

In the report, investment advisors outline the top five mistakes investors make in their retirement plans.

Here are three to avoid:  

1. Inflation – Don’t underestimate the impact of inflation. Over time, it can erode the purchasing power of your retirement savings.

2. Risk – Though retirees need to be careful about taking on too much investment risk, being too conservative also carries risk. With inflation looming, your investments must deliver returns that outpace cost-of-living increases.

3. Lifespan  Though many anticipate living for about 20 years in retirement, some people will live longer. It’s best to plan for more years than less.